Humberto Vargas

Music Director,  Founder AOME

Humberto Vargas began his musical studies in Mexico City;  studied piano under the tutelage of Maestra Eunice Rocha in the Mexican Methodist Church; after he decided to study a bachelor degree in bassoon at the National School of Music in Mexico.  After playing in diverse orchestras in Mexico,  he moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to obtain a Master's degree  in Symphonic Orchestra Conducting under the tutelage of Maestro Jean-Francois  Rivest  and  Maestro  Paolo  Bellomia at  Montreal University.
He decided to attend  also several  Orchestra  conducting  workshops  with Maestros such as Harold Farberman (Bard College of Music);  Marin Alsop (Baltimore Philharmonic),  Leon Boltstein (Jerusalem Philharmonic), Lorraine Villancourt (NEM Montreal); Peter Eotvos (Berlin Philharmonic); Apo Shu (Shanghai Philharmonic) among others.

He has conducted diverse  Choirs and  Orchestras in  Mexico City,  Montreal, and New York. He moved to Calgary in 2013, where he was invited to conduct various choirs and orchestras as well; his musical activities include:

- Director of the First Alliance Church Orchestra

- Musical Director Choir “Yodel Club Heimattreu”

- Musical Director Choir “Voix de Rocheuses”

  - Musical Director Hand Bells Choir “Acclamation” at  First Baptist Church.

  - Guest Conductor at the  Chamber Orchestra at the University of Ambrose.

- Guest conductor of the New West Symphony and Chorus.

- Music Director and Founder of the Alpha Omega Music Ensemble.

Jayne  Luy


Fellow of the Royal Schools of Music,    U.K (F.R.S.M.)

Music. Could music have been created exclusively to point to the existence of God? This perfect system of sounds spaces, tones, timbres...universally recognized beauty. Something entirely unnecessary, in terms of basic human needs, but something that none of us could imagine living without. After a lifetime of working to develop musical understanding, Jayne is convinced that music does indeed exist to point us to God.


Born in Hinton, Alberta,her fascination with music started at age two as she tried so hard every week to read the notes in the Baptist hymnal! Musical ability began to appear as she did her best to imitate her sister's piano lessons. Hours banging out "tunes" convinced her parents to put her in lessons and keep her there! But God works in mysterious ways... a total classical music burnout at age 19 preceded an entirely unexpected "calling" into song writing at a youth conference , at age 22. Ten years of dabbling in song writing followed, then ten years of moving all around the world (5 countries in ten years) with her husband Yilmaz and two sons, Alex and Nico. Those 10 years of travel brought tremendous experience working with various worship styles and many musicians, as well as a hard-earn Masters' degree in piano performance. A first worship album happened unexpectedly in 2015, with Nashville-based singer Elena Chavez, and then, relocation to Calgary in 2016. She founded the Calgary-based gospel-rock band "Hope's Creed", in 2017. Hope's Creed has been warmly accepted by the Calgary Christian community and the band is currently working on their 2nd album, for release in fall 2019.

Jayne is encouraged and excited by the formation of  'Alpha Omega Music Ensemble', together with Conductor Humberto Vargas and his wife Graciela. It gives them another amazing way to bring their faith into music, and music into their community, for the Glory of God and the strengthening of his people. Jayne currently lives in SE Calgary with her husband, composing as well as teaching piano, attends First Alliance Church where she serves on weekend music teams, and is Resident Songwriter. Son Alex and daughter-in-law Ana live in London, and son Nico lives in Toronto. 


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